Dena Rooney Photographer

My first job in the photography industry was at age 8. I had the prestigious job of making little leaguers spit out their rainbow colored wads of bubble gum into an empty Kodak film box as they waited in line to get their pictures taken.

My father opened up a photography business and camera store in Livermore, California in 1971. He started out by taking pictures for my brothers little league team and by the mid 70's he was taking most of the youth sport leagues in the San Francisco Bay Area.In the early 1980's he added the school photography division of the company. As a single dad, he took me on all the shoots with him. If I wasn't out on location with him we were in our camera store. Which conveniently was in the same shopping center as Thrifty ice cream. I think I partially lived off of double scoop rainbow sherbet cones ;)

By the time I was 16 I was shooting little league, soccer and proms on the weekends (big step up from collecting gum). I took over the business at 25 when my dad retired. I converted in the late nineties from Hasselblad film cameras to digital. In 2000 my portrait and wedding work had grown so much that it became clear that I needed to make a decision as to the direction of the company.Together with my fathers blessing, I had decided it was time to retire from sports and schools to follow my true passion and focus solely on portrait work! 

Today I get to work closely with the most amazing man that started it all, my dad, on fun projects building sets. Although he doesn't shoot any more, he never loses his creative edge and has built some incredible sets on the family ranch for me to shoot on!